Causes Of European Colonization In Africa

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“But apart from the church, the white men had also brought a government.” This is a quote from the text “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe thats shows the first months of European colonization of Africa. Colonization is a process by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components. This is what occurred when the Europeans invaded Africa and took control of the African people and implemented different government systems and religions. Overall colonization occurred because European powers wanted to gain more economic power which caused the people of Africa to be stripped of their freedom and forced to adopt a whole new way of living. Prior to European colonization, Africa consisted of many different cultures and ethnicities. While some cultures were having issues creating and maintaining a stable living environment others were creating villages to house their families and planting crops to feed those families. Overall, whether they had a stable living environment or not, they still had their freedom. But this factor quickly changed when the British and other European countries decided it was time to expand their already powerful empire. There were three main factors that contributed to the European colonization Africa which were, political, social, and economic. For political the British were fixed on expanding their empire and gaining control of every major city, state, or country in the world so they could govern every man or woman as they

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