Causes Of Failure Of Structure

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Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to failure of structure
Failure of structure means the damage , collapse and failure of structure due to any physical ,chemical ,manufacturing disorder ,disaster etc. Any type of structure failure i.e due to foundation , due to seepage , due to disaster, due to building materials, due to loses of any components, due to poor design etc require a complete type of experiment and knowledge with precautions due to which we can reduce the failure of structure.
In any type of failure of structure there is a loss of property and lives , which means the loss of many things due to small small mistakes which should be avoided by applying some useful techniques . India is the seventh largest country in the World
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2).Failure of structure due to seepage failure.
3).Structural failure
4).Failure due to disaster.
5).Failure due to human error.

Chapter 2 Methodologies
2.1 Explanation of failure of structure due to failure of foundation .
Foundation failure causes the building to collapse .Because foundation is the first and basic element of construction. But due to its failure the whole building or structure fails. Its repairing will be very much costly. Therefore it is to be avoided for such type of foundation failure in any construction work.

2.2 Explanation of failure of structure due to seepage failure.
All earth filed dam have the problems of seepage . And seepage resulting from water slowly through the structure of dam as well as its foundation . And it is a very big problem because it can fail the whole dam or structure which can destroy the nearby forest area and villages in frame of flood.
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2.4 Failure of structure due to disaster.
There is a huge loss of amount and money including the lives of people which lost their live But this is the only natural phenomenon which are not in control of human being.Instead of this man-made disaster is to be controlled by human-beings.

2.5 Failure of structure due to human error
Its give the information about how a people for his her benefit choose the low quality buildings materials. And how a person design and make a poor geometry of any structure and poor workmanship also effect this failure which result into collapse of buildings and loss of human lives.

Chapter 3
Causes of structural failure Causes of foundation failure
3.1 Foundation failure due to Soil

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