First Half Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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In the first half of the twentieth century, Europe suffered incessant and unprecedented detrimental effects of their political decisions. They were inciting the wars. Wars seemed to be a normal method for the countries to protect their territories and interest and solve the conflicts, but the wars like World War One and World War Two which happened in the first half of the twentieth century were different from others. They are the closest counterfeits of total war, in which the countries engaged devote themselves to war by total mobilization, sacrificing lives, or other ways like economically and socially to fight for a victory. The distinction between soldier and civilian seemed to be continuously eroded amid the wars.
Owing to the hostile and
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As Soviet Union was communism country, contrary to capitalism applied in other European countries, USSR could not build up relations with the Great Powers and properly cooperated with them, even though both of these countries desired to hinder Germany’s expansion. The mistrust owing to the difference of ideology facilitated the signing the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of 1939. Thus, Germany could ensure USSR not to be engaged in the beginning of WWII, and thereby avoiding to fight a two-front war. That is to say, the signing allowed Germany to start WWII more confidently, and it was somehow because of WWI.
In conclusion, with regard to the occurrence of the WWI and WWII, they were advocated based on different factors and implied different meanings but both of them left the world significant influences. As mentioned above, the WWII, to a great extent, could be attributed to the consequences of the WWI. Hence, for the sake of preventing war, post-war work should be done properly to maintain peace from the lessons of
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