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1.1.1. What is fear of crime? Fear of crime refers to the fear of a person being vulnerable to crime as opposed to the real chance of being a victim of crime in his/her surroundings. Fear of crime can be categorized into public feelings, thoughts and behaviours about the personal risk of criminal manipulation. Factors that determine the fear of crime include the public exposure to media reporting of crime, public insights of neighbourhood cases of crime, circulating representations of the risk of victimization, and some broader factors such as anxieties about crime. In this paper, the fear of crime is the anticipation of victimization. 1.1.2. How media affects fear of crime? The mainstream and alternative sources of news, entertainment, recreation…show more content…
It will help to understand that why many people of Pakistan have developed the “Mean World Syndrome” in recent years. There are already many studies present on international level but in Pakistan no such research is carried out yet. Considering the different nature of Pakistani media, audiences, crime rate, nature of crime and law enforcements, this research will throw the light on causes of intensified fear of crime. 1.3. Problem Statement Fear of crime is increasing in Pakistan. Everybody is becoming more and more concern about crime while there are less cases of actual victimization. The perceived fears are different from previous because it not only involves the people of urban areas but also the people of rural areas. This requires innovative research on causes to challenge the media coverage of crime. This qualitative study is designed to investigate the Pakistani people’s perception of crime reporting on media and the intensity of their fears about surrounding. 1.4. Objectives • To find the relationship between mass media and public’s fear of

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