Causes Of Flooding In Bangladesh

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Catchment area, river water means the surrounding area flowing. If the four sides are surrounded by mountains, the catchment area is unclear. The edge of the catchment area is composed of high parts like mountain peaks and peaks, and it forms a boundary with the catchment areas of other rivers around these parts. This boundary is called the hydrometer. In other words, one river forms a basin around the top of a mountain or a peak. Watershed, in the case of rainfall, it refers to the surrounding area where water flows into the river, and rainfall in one watershed is collected at the lowest point in the watershed. Most of the area is surrounded by mountainous areas, but the watershed is often unclear on the plain. When it rains, the rainwater…show more content…
Bangladesh experiences many tropical cyclones and also the flooding is very often occurred in that region, half the country is less than 6 meters above the sea level. Thus, human causes of global warming that causes snowmelt will affect the flooding in Bangladesh, building on the floodplains and cutting down trees both increase the effects of flooding. Bangladesh is LEDC, Less Economically Developed Country, 80% of Bangladesh is floodplain, and is prone to flooding due to being located on the Ganges Delta and the many distributaries flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Coastal flooding, combined with the bursting of river banks is common, and severely affects the landscape and society of Bangladesh. The advantages to living in Bangladesh are that the flat floodplains of the delta are very fertile for crops to grow healthy, and the area can also be used for shrimp farming. On the other hand, the low-lying islands are very vulnerable and flood easily, which is difficult to protect, and there are poor communications, since Bangladesh is LEDC, many locals do not own telephone or television, which is difficult to warn flooding early in hand. For the reasons mentioned above, the Flood Action Plan is funded by the World Bank that is implemented now, it funds projects to monitor flood levels and construct flood banks. More sustainable ways of reducing the flooding is to build coastal flood shelters on stilts and early-warning systems. Another example is 2008 Bihar floods, which is located in the north east of India, to the south of the Himalayas bordering Nepal. In Bihar, 42 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. In India, monsoon season is caused by the seasonal reversal of winds in the area, the monsoon brought heavy rainfall to the foothills of the Himalayas and dramatically increased the

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