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Floods have great impact on humans such as losing lives and properties, bringing diseases and causes food shortage. Two major causes of flood are natural and man-made. Some of the natural causes are heavy rainfall and overflowing of the flood ways that leads to continuous flooding. Flood warning system is a device which monitors the water level in case there is a great increase in water level. It is an important adaptive measure to minimize hazards of flooding. This study aims to create an improvised flood alarm system which can produce a loud sound. It also aims to provide a device which monitors the water level in case there’s a great increase in water level. It is conducted to test the flood alarm system by determining…show more content…
Flood causes some amount of topsoil to lose. Topsoil is the part of soil wherein higher amount of nutrients and organic matter were found thus the removal of it always has a great impact on the productivity of agriculture. Most evident effects of floods are those that are caused by man's activity such as deforestation and urbanization. These activities expose the soil and change the properties of water (Khalekuzzman, 2004). Nowadays, There are a lot of ways to address floods. Through the use of Flood Alarm Systems (FWS) that sends warning to the people living in flood prone area makes the evacuation easier thus minimizing life and property losses (Goodwin, 2012). According to Molino (2002), sirens are made for the residents to be alert. Some of these are used to provide a flood warning system. A local flood system is used as a warning to prevent flood danger. It is also used to distinguish the water level during rainy days. By the information, people can be aware if a flood is going to occur, when it will come and how severe it will be. With the use of this flood system, individuals can be prepared so that they can save themselves and their

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