Causes Of Food Insecurity

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Mankind is standing on the threshold of the new scientific era, accompanying many unprecedented challenges. Food is one of the crucial aspects. Food security is a term including the availability, individual’s access, utilization as well as the stability of food supply. (FAO 2009) It represents the hope for no shortage of food. However, notwithstanding the global development, many people around the world are still suffering from starvation. This essay will discuss two major causes of food insecurity, focusing on the economic reason and climate change, because they are the potential explanations that can have an effect on everywhere on Earth.
A poor or unstable economy can lead to food insecurity, both in the developed and developing countries. Economy severely modifies all four parts constituting food security. The United States is known as the global superpower for its economic, military, political and technological strengths are stronger than other countries around the world. In spite of this, when America encountered the world-shaking economic crisis in 2008, around 50 million people suffered from famine. (Gay 2009) The sudden recession of the economy led to continuously rising unemployment rate and lowering wages and salaries. At the same time, however, the food prices were constantly boosting. (Gay 2009) Consequently, it became impossible for people to afford essential meals, not to mention living a quality life. The problem of very low food security, even food

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