Causes Of Football Hooliganism

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Football Hooliganism: The English disease. Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, once said that hooliganism is one of the most famous export goods, Britain cannot be proud of. This statement itself emphasizes the significance of the hooligan problem in the British society. Hooliganism is often called as the ‘English disease’, so the question arises if hooliganism is a typical feature of the British culture? Therefore the following paper will explain through examples whether hooliganism can be named a typical English disease or not. The paper will look into The Heysel incident 1985 and also the Hillsboroughl Disaster of 1989 which were the markers for British society as the Brand leader of football hooliganism. The objective of this research is to understand the factors which participate in football violence and who cause these incidents as shown in the movie Green Street (2005), Cass(2008) , look at the aspects which promote these incidents as seen in major disasters like The Heysel Disaster 1985 and the Hillsboroughl Disaster 1989, analyze the aftermath and the role of media and hooligan firms like The Gooners(Arsenal F.C), the Urchins(Liverpool F.C), the Red Army(Manchester United F.C) (to name a few) in these incidents, hooliganism in England is seen as being a part of community, and providing a good amount of evidence that ‘England/Britain is the brand leader of hooliganism’. The primary texts used in this research are Heysel: what really happened?
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