The Assassination Of H. Holmes

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“I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing...I was born with the evil one standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.” This quote was said by one of the first documented serial killers. This paper is going to state the early life, fraud, kills, and death of H. H. Holmes. H. H. Holmes was born on May 16, 1861 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. H. H. Holmes was not his original name, his original name was Herman Webster Mudgett. His parents were Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price. Holmes father was an alcoholic and was very strict which sometimes led to abuse. His father abused him physically…show more content…
H. Holmes moved to Chicago. After he moved to Chicago Holmes started to use a fake name. That fake name was Henry Howard Holmes or for short H. H. Holmes. In 1886 Holmes found a pharmacy he wanted to work at. The pharmacy was owned by Mrs. Holton. Mrs. Holton lived in the upstairs part of the pharmacy with her sick husband. Holmes met with Mrs. Holton and asked her if he could get a job. Mrs. Holton said he could because he had a degree in medicine, But little did she know that Holmes left Philadelphia after one of his clients went mysteriously missing after he filled there prescription. A little while later Mrs. Holton let Holmes run the store because her husband had passed away, but holmes had other ideas he asked her if he could buy the store and he would let her live where she was living and would make sure she had a stable income from him. After holmes had stopped paying her she wanted to take him to court but before that had happened she mysteriously disappeared. When people started to ask where she had went he said that she had moved to California. After holmes bought the store he met a girl and married her. Her name was Myrta Belknap. Some people say when you get married you should know and trust who you are marrying. But Myrta didn’t know everything about Holmes. One of those things was that he was already married to a girl who lived in New Hampshire. Myrta worked in the store for a while until she got pregnant. After Holmes found out she was pregnant
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