Causes Of Gangs In Today's Society

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As claimed by Gardner (1992, p. 83) “Gangs came into existence and flourish because the needs of the young people in a neighbourhood or culture or family are not being met. The Gang, in essence, fills the void.” In today’s society there are a variety of different types of gangs which have affected the society on different ways. Street gangs, according to Klein (as cited in Carlie, 2002) are a “semi structured groups of adolescents and young adults who engage in felonious and criminal behavior.” This kind of Gang is very popular in the United States and is responsible for illegal selling of drugs and also turf wars which have heightened murder rates in many cities and communities. Many have pondered why individuals join street gangs and participate in illicit activities. Some will argue that the main causes of the formation of street gang is economic factors and some might equally argue that it is political influences that fuel the formation of street gangs, but it goes beyond the two factors. Social factors which relates to the lifestyle, welfare and dealings of people in a society, have played a significant role in the formation of street gangs in U.S society. Street gangs have become an asylum for the unemployed person who have less options to choose from and are driven by social factors of society .The formation of Street gangs in the United States can be attributed to a myriad of factors such as social marginality, peer pressure and family tradition or history.

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