Causes Of Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

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Based on the Online Cambridge Dictionary, gender discrimination means a situation in which someone is treated less well because of their sex, usually when a woman is treated less well than a man. Examples of sex discrimination includes not giving the women the chance to hold a pose and not hiring women for a job because of the mentality that they will not fit to be in a particular job. There is one case of gender discrimination at workplace between Beatrice Fernandez and Malaysia Airlines that as held in 2004. She was terminated from her employment service after she refused to resign because she was pregnant in 1991. This shows that gender discrimination still happens in the 21st century at the workplace. Therefore, we should know the causes of gender discrimination which are the typical mentality of the people, confidence level of both genders and the working hours issue to avoid it from happening.

The first reason why gender discrimination occurs at the workplace is because of the typical mentality of the people regarding gender that women cannot be men’s leader. AMajority of women are not being exposed to the leadership pose which cause them to be unconfident of their capability to run the position efficiently (Wolf and Flingsten, 1979). According to Akua and Arthur (2015) most of the women are seen to be less effectual than men when they show consistent masculinity rather than femininity traits in the leadership style even when the men use the same leadership style.
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