Causes Of Gender Inequality

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We have gone through periods of feudalism . People have to live in the state pf poverty, lack of inferior material .Most notable is the miserable life of the women who suffered brutal violence, mistreatment as an animal . That problem doesn’t just happen in the past, but they still happen until now . So what led to the issue of women suffer violence even in war and now? The answer is because of the thought of man, they despise women. Treated them as slaves, a lower class of society, and also as a toy to satisfy sexual desire.The main causes that lead to gender inequality in families that is due to the influence of the feudal patriarchal ideology also with the change in the weighted 's social consciousness. In the period of the war, women do not have the opportunity to be educated properly, they became the victims of the war. “Respect men more than women” is the policy is executed at that time. In the opinion of each person , women is very useless. Only man is a very important part in society, because they can do the hard work, go fight for war …and all the other works. In work, wages are paid differently based on gender, women met many difficulties because it was a difficulties for women to reach the opportunity to get the jobs and they invisibility in community issues . Women often suffer invade body, terrorism, sexual assault, abduction into slavery by the invaders aimed at humiliating the community of that country. So everyone in that society , which killed those
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