Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap

The wage gap disparity against women and racial groups is extremely important to acknowledge because it is a violation of equal rights. Not only unequal pay disparity against women is discrimination, but it also discriminatory based on race. The pay gap also affects the economy and society. How does unequal gender pay affect society, women would not feel discriminate and the economy will be better. Poverty levels for all working women would be cut in half, falling from 8.0 percent to 3.8 percent (Institute for Women’s Policy Research). Also, the poverty levels in minority groups will drop if pay gap disparities fades due to racial discrimination. Although, a lot has changed ever since women decided to fight for equality among
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Therefore, individuals are more likely to blame other causes to a problem such as women only work part-time, that admitting the actual problem of the gender pay gap disparity is due to discrimination against women. This could be a reason why some people believe the wage gap is a myth and if it does exist they are more likely to blame the wage disparity on women and not discrimination. However, according to Barbara Wagner, on her paper “The Complex Causes of the Gender Pay Gap” points out that there is a certain percentage in the wage gap that can be explain to other factors; although, there is a percentage left that it cannot be explain and is more likely to be the cause of discrimination. Another study that focus on male and female new graduated physicians, that indicates that right out of graduation school male physicians earn more than female physicians; even after all other factors have been taken into account, such as small physician practices and work load hour, and the scary part is the pay gap is “16,819 dollars difference” (Sasso, Richards, Chiu-Fang, and Gerber). Bringing to conclusion that discrimination is an issue…show more content…
The gender wage gap as stablish above is discrimination against women. In more recent studies labor statistics have found racial wage gap, which affects non-white women the most as well non-white men. Meaning, that even though there is a gender wage disparity in the labor market, there is also racial wage gap discrimination against non-white women and non-white men. Unfortunately, there is much racial discrimination today in society and in the workplace against certain racial groups. For example, “American employers tend to prefer white workers over black ones” (Djamba, and Kimuna). When American employers prefer to offer only jobs to white workers than non-white workers, it causes discrimination and racism because employers have a different concept towards none-whit workers; therefore, employers offer low pay salaries to blacks, Hispanic, and other minority groups. However, some people had said that Hispanics women make more money than white women; according to Peter Mchenry on his paper Estimating Hispanic-White Wage Gaps Among Women: The Importance of Controlling for Cost of Living, argues that “Hispanic women nurses and K-12 teachers get a higher salary than white women.” Therefore, many seem to believe that there is no racial wage gap against women from different ethnicities. In the other hand, Mchenry also argues that the reason why Hispanic women make

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