Causes Of Genocide In Rwanda

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In 1994 in Rwanda, approximately 800,000 men, women, and children were brutally massacred within 100 days. It is estimated that in four months, 1.75 million people, or a quarter of the country 's pre-war population, had either died or fled the country. In Rwanda, they were three ethnic groups formed by the Germans, the Hutu, the Tutsi, and the Twa. The Hutu made up 84 percent of the population, the Tutsi 14 percent, and the Twa only occupied 1 percent. My ethnic conflict is about the Rwanda Genocide that happened in April 1994 in Rwanda. A genocide is the killing of a large group of people mostly ethnic groups. This conflict was between two ethnic groups, the Tutsi and Hutu. The cause of the conflicts was political, social and economical.
In the article provoking a genocide by the journal of Genocide Research, the author reexamines the role of the Tutsi led by the RFP forces. They highlighted that the Rwanda Patriotic front(RFP) had the support of international community and they threatened to overthrow the Hutu regime. This led to the genocide. Approximately ¾ of the Rwanda domestic Tutsi population were killed in 100 days. The Tutsi rebels defeated the Hutu and gained power, but their population was devastated. The author mentions five characteristic common in all genocides. The first one is racial hatred or a prejudice against a particular group. In the case of Rwanda, it was the hatred of the Hutu for the Tutsi. The Second
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