Causes Of German Fascism

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Causes of German Fascism? Fascism is refers to a part of [ ]people for benefits, as a group and use various kinds of social contradictions and people 's desire to expand the group that reached a control state, law and military purpose. The social chaos in World War II lead to fascism rise in power.Fascist believe that the country is sacred, they can sacrifice even their lives to defend the glory of the country (such as the samurai hara-kiri) , but this doctrine often incomplete and undemocratic. In the modern history of the world, fascism in Germany had run wild for a brief period, once made human dragged into the abyss of war again. So why is Germany on the fascist road,here are many causes? First of all ,let’s talk about the history of Germany.Germany since ancient times is a warlike country,people living in this land has aggression, keen on war. Germany was formerly the kingdom of Prussia, which was founded by the family of Prussia. After the founding of the country, the rulers did not give up the ambition of aggression and expansion, they are still full of desire for war. They beat Austria, France and Russia, then carved up Poland, and later through the way of Prussian dynasty war to completed the unification of the German Empire. The influence of the dynasty war and the Prussian militarism has cast a shadow over the future of German Fascism. On the economic side, the outbreak of the world financial crisis promoted the development and expansion of the German fascists.
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