Causes Of Glass Ceiling

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“Glass ceiling" is a term that describes an artificial plateau, beyond which women and various other minorities are denied the opportunity to improve to upper levels of executive management in corporate America and other first world countries in he world. It has become a routine practice to deny thousands of qualified women to top- level jobs on the basis of their merit and performance. The "glass ceiling" barricades towards women are nothing but an insidious form of sex discrimination, in violation of law. Glass ceiling barriers exist at all levels of an organization and affect people at different levels in various industries. And while CEOs increasingly acknowledge the value of work force variety, primarily at the management levels, glass…show more content…
First of all, in order to become a CEO or president/ of a major corporation/ firm will require forsaking, or at least subordinating nearly all other facets of life to ones career. Such a level of accountability along with its associated financial success requires putting in seventy or eighty-hour per week. This demands one’s almost complete involvement in and commitment to administering both the short-term and long-run needs of a business/ firm one manages which results in the loss of time available to spend with family or in redevelopment. In our society, more men than women, for whatever reason, are willing to commit themselves to this course of action demanded by such demanding goals. Some women, however, are not family-oriented, but work-oriented instead. These women should have just as much as of an equal chances to throw themselves into their work and move up in the corporate ladder as their male counter- parts. However, there are many women who have forsaken their high-powered professional careers in favor of the less tangible rewards of greater flexibility in work programs. This allows them to invest greater time in raising the family and participating in relaxation…show more content…
Progression in the business world recurrently is based on the ideologies that men subconsciously learn as they climb up the corporate ladder. It operates in ways emulating team sports and the military chain-of-command. Women who fail to understand the importance of workplace politics, going through the appropriate channels, and being able to make deductions in an orderly manner put themselves at an automatic shortcoming. Corporate life is a game, which is not always fair: for men or women. Being able to take risks without making contributing in after-hours undertakings may not set well with some women, but for the present lot, the legitimacy of the situation needs to be accredited if it is ever to

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