Causes Of Global Migration In The 21st Century

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The term “global migration” means that the movement of people from one nation state to another nation state or from one continent to another continent or from one place to another.
The map shows the major migration patterns in the early 21st century. In the map, it can be seen that the major-migration streams are shown with the help of the thick arrows and these arrows are flows from Africa to Europe, from Asia to Europe, from Asia to North America, from Latin America to North America, from Japan to the US and the Canada. The minor streams are flows from Philippine to Australia, inside the South America, South America to Japan etc. FLOW OF PEOPLE FROM 2005 - 2010
People move from one continent to another which is as follows:
• From South-East Asia to Europe and West-Asia (in Dark Green)
• From Latin America to Europe (in Yellow)
• From South-Asia to North America (in Blue)
• From West-Asia to Europe (in Pink)
The push factors are those factors which pushes one person’s to leave one country to move towards another country whereas
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The people will move from the poorer margin to the richer urban agglomerations (extended city or town area) as well as from the youthful to the aging societies. The migration of the current geography will be changed. On one side, the emerging markets with the higher economic growth will endow with the domestic opportunity to the emigration. On other side, some countries like Korea and China will enter in the international race for the talent and may turn into more attractive destinations for workers than some of today’s immigrant-receiving countries that are now long-lasting slowly or no growth and high unemployment rates

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