Causes Of Global Warming

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Global warming is a gradual process of heating of earth’s surface and whole environment including oceans, ice caps, etc. The global rise in atmospheric temperature has”been clearly noticed in the recent years. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in the past century there is increase in the earth’s surface average temperature by”around 1.4 degree Fahrenheit (means 0.8 degrees Celsius). It has also”been estimated that global temperature may increase by another 2 to 11.5 degrees F in the next century. There are many causes of the global warming, some are natural causes and some are human”made causes. The most important cause of global warming is greenhouse gases which are generated by some natural processes as well as human activities. The increase in the level of greenhouse gases has been seen in the 20th century because of the increasing population, economy and use of energy. Increasing demand of industrialization in the modern world to fulfil almost each need is causing the release of variety of greenhouse gases through many industrial processes in the atmosphere. The release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) gas has been increased in the recent years by 10-fold. The release of carbon dioxide gas varies according to the natural and industrial processes including photosynthesis and oxidation cycles. Methane is another greenhouse gas release in the atmosphere by the”anaerobic decomposition of organic materials. Other greenhouse gases are like
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