Causes Of Hatred In Romeo And Juliet

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Love for Hatred
Was love or hate the force to blame or was it the people behind it? In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, two people fall in the kind of love that is forbidden or looked down upon. This great love was ripped from the hearts and souls of the star-crossed lovers as the hatred caused so many to die. Even with deaths of their cousins people just got angrier. More hatred for each other grew into a feud. The only tragic action that stopped this terrible feud was the death of Romeo and Juliet themselves. The Montagues and Capulets hatred for one another affected everyone around them. The only culprit that is to blame for the deaths and their blindness to the events taking place around them is the nonetheless than
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For the star-crossed lovers their hatred is gone but their family members think a different way. This proves why Juliet was so secretive around her parents. She was scared of what her father would do. When Juliet did not want to marry Paris her father threatened to disown her; what would he have done if he found out his daughter secretly married a Capulet? When Juliet was on her way to get married her father asked her where she was going and she lied and said she was going to confess her sins. Her father never knew exactly what Juliet was doing. This was because she was scared of her own father. This caused Romeo’s and Juliet’s actions to change. They were rushing their love. One night they met at the dance and kissed, but the next they were planning their wedding. They might of had true love but they rushed it and the consequences were taken. Their communication towards each other was very poor also. Anytime Juliet needed to tell Romeo something the Nurse had to do it. Juliet should have went herself to make sure Romeo was hearing what she wanted him to hear and to hear his response. However, this couple never thought of anyone else during their love and how they might hurt their family emotionally and physically. When Juliet was gonna take the death comma position she never thought about how much it would hurt her parents. She just thought of herself and how she would be with Romeo. They both should have stopped what they were doing and thought about their actions, but hatred was making their minds think another way. Hatred drove Romeo and Juliet to be secretive, lie, communicate poorly, and to not think clearly. The fear of showing some hope that the hatred is gone influenced a friar to do some bad things. Friar Laurence was the one who secretly married Juliet but for the reason that it might put an end to the ancient feud; however, he lacked good judgment during this time.
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