Homelessness In America Essay

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A homeless person is an individual without permanent housing who may live on the streets or in stay in a shelter. (What is the offical definition of homelessness? 2018) There are 554,000 in the United States. (List of countries by homeless population 2018). Including 57,000 homeless veterans. Is that how we treat someone who got back from the war? So what are Americans doing in this world that is leading to so many people being homelessness? There are many people that just need a little boost in their life. That’s where a non-profit organization like Home Aid. Home Aid help build and renovate shelters for America’s temporarily homeless while they rebuild their lives. The major cause of homelessness in America right now it that after someone has had a traumatic injury and can’t pay for the bills they turn to the streets. Other reasons of homelessness would be loss of loved ones, mental illnesses, job losses, and domestic violence’s. After all of these reasons…show more content…
In homelessness, social justice is having a place where the homeless people can come and live instead of living on the streets. Some of us have a sense of social justice in America but not all and we still have a problem with homelessness. Economic justice is being able to have all homeless people have a home and a job so they can live independently. America’s government is not helping enough to give the homeless people this independence. When homeless people do not have a job they do not get to input into the economic process, so participative justice is not happening for them. Distributive Justice means that all people do not get a fair share of goods in our economy. If someone is homeless, they obviously are not getting the same amount of goods as wealthy person. But they are getting some benefits like a bed and a place to eat. (Defining Economic Justice ans Soical Justice
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