Causes Of Human Migration

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Nowadays the new phenomenon in the global arena that is migration crisis. Thousands of people are fleeing from their homeland because of condition that force them to take such that action without thinking of the consequences they might face. For example, thousands of people were crammed into boat for a few days without food and drink. There were also thousands of children, women and men were death. There are many reasons why migrants are fleeing from their countries. Firstly, migrants were fleeing because of their homeland and countries was in harm and countries was being exploited. Besides that, they also move from their countries because of the human security. In general, human insecurity will force people to move from their homeland to seek for the better place that prevent them from threatening their life and safety (Biiss Journal, 2005). Betts (2013) stated, the threat that environmental change, lack of food, and general mayhem force large numbers of people to flee countries that are unable or unwilling to ensure their human rights, as well as the situation in the states failed and fragile which makes possible the lack of human rights, so people make decision to move to another better place. Moreover, according to the political debate, migrants may fleeing from their countries because of the some reasons. For example, they may be choose to leave his or her homeland or countries to earn more money, to be with family members who also migrated, to settle down with their

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