Summary: The Global Migration Crisis

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Nowadays the new phenomenon in the global arena that is migration crisis. Thousands of people are fleeing from their homeland because of condition that force them to take such that action without thinking of the consequences they might face. For example, thousands of people were crammed into boat for a few days without food and drink. There were also thousands of children, women and men were death.
There are many reasons why migrants are fleeing from their countries. Firstly, migrants were fleeing because of their homeland and countries was in harm and countries was being exploited. Besides that, they also move from their countries because of the human security. In general, human insecurity will force people to move from their homeland to
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Moreover, according to the political debate, migrants may fleeing from their countries because of the some reasons. For example, they may be choose to leave his or her homeland or countries to earn more money, to be with family members who also migrated, to settle down with their spouse who lives in another country and most of them were migrated for the sake of the job in another country that supply many jobs for people. Besides that, there were also some of the migrants are fleeing because of the conflict, unstable political administration and war in their home country. Another reasons, migrants were force to fleeing from their home land because of the natural disaster (Dara Lind, 2015).
Some European countries were changed their policies related to the immigrants and refugees because head of the United Nations refugee agency was urged Europe to take action related to the migrants issues. As U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said in a statement, “Europe cannot go on responding to this crisis with a piecemeal or incremental approach. No country can do it alone, and no country can refuse to do its part”. He also urges that a new system must be set up, based on common policy.
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According to the several speakers at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) in Islamabad, they are seem agree with the German Leader Angela Merkel and the British PM David Cameron, both of who said that multiculturalism has failed. There is less integration between foreign immigrants and the locals than they had hoped for, and there are sometimes conflicts between immigrant groups and indigenous groups. They may be of different backgrounds but most of the time when they hold demonstrations, it is because they all want better jobs and improvements in quality of life. They want a greater share of common resources and more inclusion. Many of those who ‘stand on the barricades’ are frustrated and disappointed with their new homelands; they offer their participation, not only to get more, but also to give more. That should be taken positively (The Nation, 2014). Besides that, European countries trying to protect a certain culture may privilege some version of it, which hinders adjustment to changing environment. Protecting a group may allow its powerful members undermine the liberties of its weaker members, such as dissenters, women, children and sexual minorities. Many feminists have argued that special protection of patriarchal cultural communities may violate women 's rights.
In conclusion, refugee crisis were spread around the world in nowadays have made some countries to take responsibilities for the
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