Causes Of Hunger And Poverty In Africa

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The following report has been prepared with a view to understand the reasons behind Hunger and poverty in Africa. The main matter of concern is to develop ways to resolve hunger and poverty issues.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the area with the second largest number of starving people, where almost 233 million people are undernourished. In general, the main causes of poverty are conflict, detrimental economic systems, population growth, environmental factors such as climate change and drought. Poverty itself is a major cause of hunger in sub-Saharan Africa. Many children and adults die due to lack of food and illness every year. This is a major issue concerning the world and it needs to be stopped so that people can live their life with no difficulties nor would they have to suffer from starvation or poverty.

For this study, the descriptive report was created through secondary research done online by visiting relevant websites related to the topic and collecting data and information reliable to hunger and poverty in Africa, then finally putting it together to form the final report.

Africa is known as one of the richest part of the world yet it is also the poorest region when it comes to hunger and poverty despite the natural wealth and aid flow. Some parts of Africa are rich while some are poor such as the sub-Saharan area; every third African does not have enough food. This is because Africa faces major environmental problems including desertification,

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