Causes Of Hunger In Africa

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The following report has been prepared with a view to understand the reasons behind Hunger and poverty in Africa. The main matter of concern is to develop ways to resolve hunger and poverty issues.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the area with the second largest number of starving people, where almost 233 million people are undernourished. In general, the main causes of poverty are conflict, detrimental economic systems, population growth, environmental factors such as climate change and drought. Poverty itself is a major cause of hunger in sub-Saharan Africa. Many children and adults die due to lack of food and illness every year. This is a major issue concerning the world and it needs to be stopped so that people can live their life with
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Still today, over 40% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa live in absolute poverty. In order to solve the issue concerning poverty and hunger in the following parts of the continent, it is best to fight astute malnutrition in specialized centers that helps bring children back from the rim of starving to death, provide nourishment to millions of kids in the rack of famine and hunger crises, prevent malnutrition through large scale feeding programs, help parents feed the children through farming and small business investments. There are also some organizations set up in Africa in order to help reduce the small children from starvation and diseases, such as Dan Church Aid who has been working in Africa since 1960’s. Today they are active in Angola, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and the democratic republic of Congo. Their main work focuses on Fighting hunger and poverty, fighting HIV and AIDS, democratization, women rights and Humanitarian mine action. Some other examples or organizations that help are Action Against Hunger (AAH), CARE, Caritas Internationalis, Food For The Hungry International (FHI), Volunteer Africa, Farmers ' Overseas Action Group, Link Community Development, Action Aid, and so…show more content…
People Shouldn’t let young children die in Africa because of the lack of equality between the rich and poor countries. There should be an end to this problem; no one should let these poor children and families suffer from starvation and other illness, and so public needs to consider the factors that could help and save those innocent souls. Implementing the factors mentioned above might actually bring a huge difference in the current situation of Africa, because when individuals really put an effort to change these aspects and improve the state of the situation, there is absolutely nothing that can lead this to failure. Everyone needs to understand this and try to make it practical in life so that people can make a change to the equality in this discriminating countries so there is no more countries facing hunger and poverty anymore, and make a life where everyone is considered equal in this
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