Malaysia Income Inequality

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Why I think income inequality is increasing in the United States? In my Opinion, the reason of income inequality is increasing in the United States is Growing Market. The globalized markets in the US are break downs the boundary of smaller, local market and provides new platforms and new audience to trades. The US government allowed artisan, farmer, and manufacturer to open their products and services to the global economic. This meaning that the purveyors do not have to rely on small, local market makes a living and it mean that others around a global can have access for their goods. The international Monetary Fund (IFM) find that the financials openness brought on by the globalization to increase the returns to human capital and increases…show more content…
Health is the one of income inequality to impact Malaysia because in the research suggest that life expectancy is rates and longer of infant mortality, mortality, mental illness and obesity are lower in more equal societies. Strength of the relationship between inequality and health focus based on health outcomes vary. In the mental health, much higher proportion of the population, from the more unequal countries mental illness and more than three times the proportion of the population differences in inequality tally country differences in mental illness. Except this, people living in high levels of inequality with the country of residence also increased the risk of schizophrenia. “Poor health of the overall level of economic inequality is far more social.”(Wilkinson and Pickett,…show more content…
Social mobility is very strong relationship between high levels of income inequality and lower level of social mobility. High income children more likely to get a high salary, and pay lower income people are more likely to be those of children. The key research are the research shows that the whole of human life existing inequalities and lack of contact between social mobility. The high inequality and low social mobility when looking at the two kids and adults concerned. This linkage is stronger than links between social mobility and poverty. “Research shows that the whole of human life existing inequalities and lack of contact between social mobility.”(Blanden, 2009)
People’s well being may direly depend on income inequality
People 's well being may directly depend on income inequality because they think that a highly unequal society is unfair, or because the utility loss is due to the low status of poor countries may gain because of higher status than practical wealthy. “Although many people think that income inequality is a social disease, and to understand that income inequality has many economic benefits is very important, is not the result of damage to a well-functioning economy”(Ellyatt, 2013)
Equality of opportunity may be harder to achieve in an unequal

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