Causes Of Industrial Revolution

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Industrial revolution is one of the most important historical phenomena in human beings ' history. It is alleged first happened in Britain in around 1700s to 1800s and then spreaded throughout the world. This paper is going to discuss the main origins, consequences of industrial revolution in Europe, how agriculture and economy aid to the emergence of industrial revolution. Besides that, this paper also applies three concepts of history including ecumenical, world and gloabal history in the rise and spread of industrial revolution. There are four key origins that lead to industrial revolution in Europe. The first main origin is large amount of materials from either Europe itself or its colonies in the Americas and India. Iron, coal are necessary for the industrial development and those materials are available in Europe as from European colonies. Besides, Eric Hobsbawm, PhD in History from Cambridge University mentions in his book The Age of Revolution that raw cotton from the West Indies colony provides for the Britain industry (Eric 1996, 49). The second key reason is technical innovetions. Britain had many intelligent artisans who invented important machines for cotton industry such as the flying shuttle, the spining jenny and the mule (Eric 1996, 46). Sir Christopher Alan Bayly, who has Doctoral degree in Philosophy from the Universiy of Oxfort, claims in his book The Birth of the odern World that adding to development of technology in Britain are innoventions of the
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