Why Did The Industrial Revolution Start In Great Britain

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The industrial Revolution changed the lives of the millions of people living on the earth, it would transform the way we think, work and play forever. And it all started in Great Britain. Before the Industrial Revolution happened, society in Great Britain consisted of small, rural, agricultural communities with a ruling political social elite. But as the 18th century progressed, an explosion of new ideas and new technological inventions transformed the way Britain used energy, creating an increasingly industrial and urbanized country. Thousands kilometres of roads, canals and railway were made of use to transport material swiftly and efficiently. All over the country factories sprang up and people moved from an agricultural society to an industrialized, urbanized civilization. The 18th century was absolutely crucial to the history of Britain, and the entire world. The transformation set in motion there, helped to form the world we live in today. One fascinating question remains; why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Great Britain? The McNeill’s stated that ‘’internal characteristics (lots of coal and iron) and developments (the socio-political environment after 1688) combined with tightening of the web both within Britain (roads, canals, railways, postal…show more content…
Scientists from all over the country came together to discuss their findings and creative inventions, and exchange ideas and opinions on other’s work. This lead to a wave of free thinking, and the British scientists feel like they are on the cutting edge of knowledge. This created a society that was confident in its understanding of the world. Many other European countries were restrained by the censorship of the church or state. That way the scientists were hindered to share their ideas and expand their industrial knowledge as fast as the
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