Causes Of Inequalities In Education

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Nevertheless, stratification in the Indian Society is evident from inequalities in education across caste, religion and racial boundaries. Educational inequality between upper caste Hindu and other religion on one hand and Dalits, Adivasi’s and other backward classes on the other hand. A number of factors contribute to these inequalities. Almost every social- economic factor describes the awful condition of Dalits in India. Dalit parents are not greeted by the schools to get their children enrolled in schools and also the schools fail to motivate both parents and children to continue the studies. The preconceptions and biases against dalit community continue to be practiced in the form of discrimination. No non dalit children are denied admission in school. On the other hand, Dalits are denied admission on various grounds .At a school in the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra in Western India, 80% of the dalit student said that they were made to sit outside the classroom in primary school. In another study, a dalit teacher reviewed,” We were asked to sit separately. Our copy or slates were not touched by the teachers” . Dalit homes are situated outside of the principle town and hence more remote from schools.
Adivasis, notwithstanding experiencing the same low desires, confront a different arrangement of issues. They frequently live in hilly areas or woods that are moderately difficult to reach. Demographically, tribal habitations are small and meagrely
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