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Urban migration is the movement of groups of people from rural areas to urban areas. There can be several factors at play that cause migrations, in general. An example of a few would be high crime rates, drug trafficking, poverty, unemployment, unfair justice systems and there can also be factors relating to weather and climate hazards such as floods and hurricanes. This type of migration can occur internally in a country or over international borders. This can be known as internal urban migration and international urban migration, respectively. The primary focus of this essay will be on international urban migration between Mexico and The United States of America and the effects of the migrants to the new country.
The root
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However research on social spending did bring out an interesting point , which does apply to Mexico .That is that social spending after a certain limit becomes pointless .In this case it is 10% of extreme poverty. This idea implemented by the government can only be successful if it also manages to create a growing economic environment. The balance between social spending and a spurring economic environment is something that can actually help reduce further poverty for fellow Mexicans by helping to provide work for those unemployed. In 2017, the figure was 2.5 million. This figure seems relatively low compared to other countries in the Central America. This is merely because of over 12 million Mexicans working in the black…show more content…
The is an ever-growing loop of people not going to school and not sending their children to school, due to them not understanding the value of it, leaving both generations of the family disadvantaged in world that seeks more qualifications from everyone to have jobs.
These generations of individuals, adults and children, miss out on the vital skills needed to live a better and safer life. Due to poor health practices, the most common disease and cause of child death in rural Mexico is diarrhea and lung diseases. These affect 40% of children in certain regions. Another problem that people in these areas face is unavailability of basic services such as doctors, hospitals, social security and even water in some

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