John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Speech

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Unity is the cornerstone of a country. It is certainly essential to have unity in a country in order to maintain peacefulness and prohibit any terror, war as well as destruction. Hence, the 35th President of United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was very concerned to amplify unity in the nation. President John F. Kennedy always has no doubt that it was extremely important for a nation or even the whole worldwide to achieve unity for success. He even promoted about it to the citizens in his most influential inaugural address on 1961. The causes why John F. Kennedy was really concerned about unity were due to religions, racism and to improve relations with other country.
The first reason for John F. Kennedy’s concern on unity as indicated in his speech was because of religions. In the world civilization, religions always meant for a special part in life that give the country and people the direction for the future. As the second Catholic President in the United States’ history, John F. Kennedy’s impression kept Americans from believing the power of Catholics such as Cardinal Francis Spellman and Joseph P. Kennedy. In 1954-55, the remarkable history for Catholic in the States, Spellman used to mobilize the support for Diem that caused the set in motion for a chain
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Indeed, President John F. Kennedy could be considered as one of the mightiest world leader ever because he guided not only the American people, but also people throughout the world to realize why he was so concerned about unity at that time. Besides, the United States of America had been acknowledged as a world-class leader in furthering this value to other regions and also, countries. It was very essential to attain unity during the time to gain peacefulness despite of the differences in religions and races as well as to improve relations with other
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