Artificial Causes Of Joint Pain

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Joints are regions of the body where two or more bones meet, when these regions are damaged or injured a sensation of discomfort and pain is felt by the person. Joint pain can be severe enough to limit movement. Joints are composed of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bursas, and the synovial membrane, any of these components can become irritated and inflamed and result in joint pain. The different types of joint pains, the causes of joint pains and the artificial and alternative treatments will be discussed in this review.
Joints are very sensitive and some joints can be used excessively which could result in injuries due to overworking. At old ages, bones become fragile which could cause joint pain. The most affected joints are the hip, the
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Degenerative, inflammatory, and autoimmune-related causes such as Ankylosing spondylitis, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Rheumatic fever, Sjogren’s syndrome, and tendinitis can also result in joint pain. Other causes are bone cancer, haemophilia, hyperparathyroidism, Paget’s disease. Sprains, fractures, aseptic necrosis, osteochondritis dissecans and accidents contribute to joint pains and problems. Menopause causes joint pains due to the fact that the hormone oestrogen, which is vital for maintaining joint and bone health, decreases in the body and weakens the joints. Dehydration leads to joint pains due to the build-up of uric which results in inflammation.
Joint pain can be made worse by motion, pressure or weight bearing resistance. Joint pain can be linked with warmth in the region of the problem joint, swelling and tenderness.There are several methods of diagnosis to determine the treatment required, diagnosis is based on physical examination such as X-ray, MRI, examination of synovial effusion, and blood tests. X-rays can file rupture of ligaments, loss of cartilage, deformation, etc. MRI scans can document synovial hyperplasia, bone marrow edema, and other tissue alterations. Blood tests are used to check for inflammatory

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