Causes Of Delinquency In Nigeria

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The law defines a juvenile delinquent as a child or young person who has violated the " children and young persons law " or the criminal code.
Juvenile: This refers to a person who has attained the age of 14 but is under 17 years. That is a young person who is not yet an adult (Oxford English Dictionary).
Delinquent: It is a person who deviates from or violated the stipulated law that guides code of conduct of a particular country or society.
The Nigerian constitution of 1979 defines juvenile delinquency as “a crime committed by a young person under the age of 18 years as a result of trying to comply with the wishes of his peers or to escape from parental pressure or certain emotional stimulation’. Before a youth in Nigeria is classified a
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Because of the nature of crime committed by juveniles, parents, guidance, sponsors and well wishers are worried and disturbed about our future leaders. Crime associated with juvenile include: rape, stealing, kleptomania, burglary, disobedience, homicide, habitual truancy, drug addiction, prostitution, cultism, armed robbery…show more content…
Solutions To Juvenile Delinquency
Government and voluntary organization should be involved in the following ways:
• Government should provide employment opportunities for youths. The saying goes that ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop '. Providing youths with employment opportunities helps occupy the mind thus making it less likely to turn to violence as a pass time.
• Greater thought should be given to setting up more amenities in the rural areas. Rural-Urban migration has led to over concentration in the urban areas, bottle neck competition for limited resources and consequently an increase in crime rates. Provision of amenities like good roads, trade centers, transport networks, schools, hospitals helps curb Juvenile Delinquency tendencies.
• stoppage of pornographic films and some American films, where our youths learns techniques in stealing and destroying properties. Foreign media have been accused as the main culprit in the promotion of sex and violence, some even giving detailed description of methodologies and making them look alluring. Regulations on the circulation of such media content, will help alleviate the practice of what is

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