Causes Of Lack Of Discipline In Schools

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Issue #1 Lack of discipline in schools Within the school system actions such as cursing at faculty, throwing equipment and furniture around in anger, constant fighting, complete defiance, and other negative behaviors are out of control due to lack of severity of discipline. On the other hand, if we discipline too harshly, we risk the chance of forever losing the opportunity to make a difference in that student’s life. I strongly believe that discipline is too lack currently. We are much too worried about a student’s feelings and fear that a parent will seek litigation if their child does not receive proper services. Education plans like I.E.P’s, I.L.P’s, MTSS, etc., have almost become a license for students to act as they see fit. We are not fully serving these students with behavior issues if we simply give them an insignificant punishment. They need to be held accountable for their behavior and we need to provide them with deeper boundaries. Bring back expulsion and flunking if students do not meet expectations. If not for them, then for the other students who are daily deprived of valuable education time due to educators having to spend too much time on negative behaviors. I am a librarian in a middle school with an investment in this issue. I witness these behaviors daily and I see that there is no consequence that meets the crime. It is a disservice to everyone involved when we do not impose proper codes of discipline when expectations are not met. Other

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