Causes Of Lady Macbeth's Murder

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Macbeth committed murder to King Duncan for his love of his wife. Lady Macbeth wanted her husband Macbeth to commit murder for her own evil ambitions. She wanted her husband, Macbeth to kill Duncan so Macbeth will become king of Scotland and she will become queen (Act 1, Scene 6, Lines 16-31) She manipulates her husband into killing King Duncan by calling her husband a coward .(Act 1,Scene 5, Lines 44-50) In addition, she comes up with the plot to kill king Duncan. (Act 1: Scene 7 : Lines 75-77). Lady Macbeth will get the two guards drunk and drugging their drinks so the guards will be unconscious while Duncan is sleeping which will lead King Duncan to be endangered.She will blame the guards for the murder so no one will suspect it 's them
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