Causes Of Love In Modern Love

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An underlying message in these three modern love essays is about divorce or lack of successful marital relationships. All three authors appear to agree that marriage and successful romantic relationships are less prominent now than they were in the past. “What Romantic Regime Are You in?” by David Brooks addresses the problem by telling about regimes under which people receive a marital partner. Ada Calhoun’s article about modern love called “To Stay Married, Embrace Change” approaches the issue by considering the role change plays in a relationship. The final article, “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person”, discusses the possibility of unrealistic expectations being the cause of marital problems. Whatever the cause of these problems the three authors agree that divorce or lack of successful issues exist, whether caused by a regime, change or unrealistic expectations. The first article “What Romanic Regime Are You in?” by David Brooks talks about three regimes in which you can obtain a marital partner. A regime of fate is the belief that marriage is your destiny. Getting married fulfills part of your destiny. The regime of covenant constitutes you making a promise or covenant to your spouse to put the relationship before your needs. Another belief is marriage has a deeper purpose than fulfilling a desire. Lastly, a regime of choice teaches that you should marry because you want to. There isn’t necessarily a deeper purpose towards your marriage.
However, David Brooks
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