Causes Of Macbeth's Failure Essay

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Why does Macbeth fail? Well to start off failure is everywhere in life which is no exception to Macbeth but with Macbeth there’s a problem for some reason Macbeth can’t accept the fact he fails. Macbeth is constantly failing to achieve what he hopes to accomplish, due to the fact that he was trying to fight something that he cannot stop. Macbeth's failure to accept his fate rather than fight it is the reason Macbeth's down fall. When Macbeth received his fate from the witches and apparitions he was happy so he let come not doing anything to stop it. Lady’s Macbeth influence on the great solider was strong and cause him to do horrible actions. Lady Macbeth took advantage of Macbeth self-worth and influence him to be power lust. If…show more content…
He still would’ve been a noble solider of king Duncan and living his life happily. But yet they interfered revealing his future then he went on and tackled fate head first which was a huge a mistake. The obtain knowledge changed Macbeth and for the worse. He started to slowly go insane murdering innocents because they have interfered with his destiny. Wasn’t cautious about some of the prophecies the witches said because they didn’t sound realistic huge mistake which cause his death. Fighting back what couldn’t be changed was Macbeth hugest mistake. accepting the good parts of his destiny was easy for Macbeth so he was laid back with it. But when it came to the mysterious parts of the prophecy he couldn’t accept it so he tired fighting back. Another fault in why he fails nobody can fight destiny and expect to win. Yet he still tired and failed it was due to his failure to accept fate he ultimately failed at the end. Conclusion, the reasons why Macbeth fails he doesn’t understand his self-worth which led his wife to take advantage of him and influenced him to do actions unspeakable. The wicked witches and apparitions meddling with his fate by revealing his fate knowing about actions toward it. Then fighting destiny was his major fail because it was his failure to accept fate. this concludes why Macbeth

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