Why Do Young People Fail Essay

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Young People Declining to Marry and It Causes
“Having a place to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing.” - Donna Hedges. Various facts have to be taken into a count previously to get married so being worried before it tends to be quite normal. Because to marry includes several compromises, it is a decision that cannot be faced that easily. Nowadays young adults opt to avoid marriage not only because of the commitment it holds, they are fearing its collapse and the resulting consequences. Commonly, when a couple fail at matrimony a process of divorce takes place, and it results disgusting to almost everyone. Currently, due to fact that to forge a family can be possible in different ways evading marriage, young people mostly prefer to cohabitate with their couples. Whereas they are not married, they
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According to Kamp Dush’s studies of couples considering cohabitation, they believed marrying less beneficial (Dush, 2009) Marriage can be favorable for a child’s social development and self-esteem instead of have parents that just live together or used to. Though these days, young people have an inclination to test marriage through living together before tidying the knot. As Crouter said “The No. 1 reason couples say they live together is to learn more about their potential marriage partner” (Crouter, 2002) Because Parenthood can fail in a undetermined moment, testing partners results in a good alternative when planning to form a family. Whereas they are nor married, parting ways is not a big deal. This the most important advantage of cohabiting, but most of the couples that chose this option are insecure. Kamp adds: “They stated they were not ready for marriage because of their age, economics, or relationship stage” (Dush, 2009) Even if one is prepared for marriage or not, it holds a large relationship due to its
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