Essay On Mass Incarceration

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The amount of mass incarceration in the United States as reached an all time high over the years. Mass Incarceration is the incarceration of a person or race based off of them being different and can be identified as a trend among law enforcements.These tensions have reached a certain extent and has received the attention of American citizens and the nation’s government. The laws of the United States seems fair, however with the enforcement of these laws, specific groups are targeted and abused by them daily. The abuse of various ethnicities and groups has taken action in the enforcers of the law, the policemen. These forms of government has taken the control of criminals and placed it races outside the white barrier. Though Civil Rights Movements and other…show more content…
For example, some ways to majorly lessen the amount of mass incarceration is to just change the view of the people. By altering the view of the people, certain groups of people wouldn’t be targeted due to the color of their skin but rather by the severity of their action. Another solution to solving mass incarceration is give citations rather than arrest petty criminals. For instance, instead of arresting someone and incarcerating them in jail for 10+ years, giving them a citation would be healthier as it allows for the participant to rehabilitate and learn from their mistakes. This can be shown in the 13th saying “The US houses 25% of the world’s prisoners” (Duvernay, 2016). By allowing for this to occur, inmates are able to look back and repent against the sins that they’ve caused instead of going to prison to waste room for a petty little crime they‘ve done. To promote these, everyday people and citizens could petition for more citations rather than arrests and build an open mind that every living person is a human and should not be judged by the color of their
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