Causes Of Mechanical Solidarity

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Cause of decreasing mechanical solidarity in Singapore society An example of Mechanical Solidarity derived from a book by Dillion (2010), stated that community in Iowa share similar occupation such as farming and mill work. Similar task are easy to imitate, in cases where death of individual involve would not affect the operation of the community. Since the community shares similar beliefs, ideas and norms, they tend to have routines as a community. In return, mechanical solidarity communities are easier to maintain social cohesion, rules and social bond (Dillon 2010 p92). Since Durkheim is a traditional sociologist, admiration towards strong bond among individuals and social order in society, grew stronger as modern societies are gradually developing into individualistic. Even though modern societies are turning into organic solidarity, Durkheim believes that division of labour enables society to be interdependent of each other to encourage social order (Edles and Applerouth 2010 p100). The prominent characteristic of mechanical solidarity is the shared similarities of beliefs and attitude (Coser 2014 p19). Singaporean used to rely on fishing as a source of income in the past (Shimizu 1997). However, since Singapore gained its independent from Malaysia in year 1964, Singapore globalize actively in “political, technological and economic globalization” (Daipi 2002). Increasing job opportunities in Singapore induce individual to advance, through changing of jobs. Mechanical

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