Causes Of Medication Errors

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Medication errors have been around for years. They are being made by everyone whether it’s the patient, the doctor , or even the pharmacologist. There can be many reasons for the cause of the error. But, they need to be stopped because they are causing death and illnesses to worse everyday. There are about 1.3 million errors being made in the US alone per year.

There are many errors people can make. They can mix up the drug because the names sound or look alike. Patients can take the wrong dosage and this can happen because the doctor or the pharmacologist told them the wrong dosage or the patient miss read the label.

People can even use the wrong route of administration because they were given the wrong directions as to taking the drug or because of someone’s lack of education.
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Just like the The National Coordination Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention. Like it says in the name they are supposed to prevent errors. They say that many of these errors are being caused because miscommunication, wrong labeling, and lack of education. There is also the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, but they only view errors from those that only come from drug manufactures. They are also supposed to check a drug before it goes out for marketing in which it takes about ten years. So many other organizations take responsibility for these errors, but these are the main

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