Causes Of Mediocrity

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Causes of Mediocrity.
Causes of Mediocrity. Mediocrity has been an encumbrance to the success of the students. This acts like an epidemic that affects the majority of students. Having a mediocre mentality hinders the success of the students. It makes student produce a low quality of performance in their school works. Leading the student be a low achiever although they can give a better output

Mediocrity in the performance of students can be caused by stress, when a person is under too much stress because of many deadlines to meet they tend to perform every project or activity in a “pwede na yan” or “that will do” attitude. This kind of mentality makes a student to be unproductive, the reason why students are low achievers. Higginbottom (2014)
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According to Wayne Weiten (2014, p290), many theories view motivation forces in terms of drives. In an academic setting, a drive is very important for this is the force that keeps a student to continue working on their respective activities. Without these force, students tend to be indolent on doing the work that 's need to be done. Stress takes up a significant amount of cognitive and emotional bandwidth and lack of sleep due to stress or overwhelm can also make it difficult to feel motivated (MySahana, 2012).

E.M Anderman and L.H. Anderman (2010, p13) states that one of the most influential motivational theories is expectancy- value theory, which assumes that motivation is a combination of students ' expectations for being successful at a given task and their valuing of the task. One of the components of the Eccles et. al. expectancy –value model of motivation is intrinsic value (E.M Anderman and L.H. Anderman, 2010, p15). E.M Anderman and L.H. Anderman (2010, p13) enunciate that some treatment of intrinsic motivation emphasizes the affective quality of students’ engagement in an activity- the degree to which they enjoy or derive pleasure from the experience. This kind of motivation keeps students interested in the work they are doing leading to a desirable outcome. But moreover, if a student lacks motivation this will affect their performance. According to J.E. Ormrod
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