Menstruation Cycle

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Menstruation is the requirement of female body for fertility and regulation of healthy reproductivity. the onset of menstruation known as Menarche. Menstruation can be defined as a monthly cyclic sloughing of the endometrial lining of the uterus. Because uterus is the site of implantation of the fertilized egg so it thickens to nourishes and host the egg but in case of un fertilization menstruation results in discharge of uterine blood through vagina (menstrual flow). Vohra, A et al 2013. in other word, menstruation is the start of puberty that’s the body is sexually activated and this cycle repeats monthly in order to prepare the body for possible pregnancy and interrupted only if pregnancy occurs till the birth of baby and then resumes…show more content…
It may also be different than other women's periods. so there are some parameters sets on the average values of what most woman experiences during their cycles. The regularity determination of cycle is important to know that all the related organs are functioning normally. Nelson, L.…show more content…
Ovaries: Regular menstrual bleeding is the outward manifestation of cyclical ovarian function. Jabbour, et al 2006. ovaries are paired glands one on either side of uterus. Ovaries are the female gonads(produces gamets and secretes sex hormones). Thses ovaries performs the oogenesis(the formation and development of female gamets ‘oocytes’). Ovaries produces 1.gamets ,secondary oocytes and develop into mature ova(egg) after fertilization. 2.secreates hormones including progesterone, estrogen and also relaxin and inhibin. Tortora, G. J. et al (2008). Ovaries are the site for folliculogenesis (the transformation of oocytes cell nests to individual follicle).the formation of follicles involves the sepration of oocytes, attachment of some granulose cells to its suface and closure of a basement membrane around this unit. Peters, H., & McNatty, K. P.

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