Causes Of Mental Health In America Essay

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This generation of students is the unhappiest, most anxious, and least optimistic group of children in history. Every day, fourteen students take their lives in America. Suicide is the third most common cause of death for teenagers; rates have been steadily rising since the 2000’s. About a quarter of teenagers are mentally ill. America’s kids are dying, and what is being done to change this? Schools force students to forgo mental health and focus on grades, and companies believe that a suffering teenager is just another person to leech money from. In the end, all these students are left without help to serve the interests of others. Many students believe that frequent anxiety attacks, insomnia, and self destructive behaviors are normal due to the damaging lifestyle that school and society promote. Students are exposed to extremely harmful and toxic environments in school. They are overworked and overstressed and their value is measured by their test scores. Schools have an incentive to push for more strenuous work: the higher their standardized test scores are, the higher they 're ranked. The unhealthy focus on grades and standardized test scores leads to deteriorating mental health. Students are taught that the only reason they learn is to do well on tests, that if they don’t do well on them then their efforts are useless. A majority of neurodivergent (mentally ill or disabled) students attribute their struggles with mental health to schools, which cause mental illnesses at high rates, but offer limited (if…show more content…
Weight loss pills and magazines would lose much of their profits if their market of anxious young girls suddenly decreased. Advertizing firms, gym memberships, even companies like Collegeboard prey on troubled teenagers to make more money. The existence of mentally ill students is a beneficial to them, and not something they’re willing to

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