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Migration can be defined as the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling temporarily or permanently in this new location.
The European migrant crisis or European refugee crisis arose through the rising number of refugees and migrants coming to the European Union. People flee their countries for many different reasons, the most common reasons why people flee their counties is because of war, they might be facing persecution, poverty, lack of jobs etc.
Migrants and Refugees from Eritrea, one of the most oppressive states in the world, might be fleeing their country because of indefinite military conscription and involuntary work, others from the Western Balkans and parts of West Africa for example (Gambia and Nigeria) and South Asia for example (Bangladesh and Pakistan) are more likely to be economic migrants,they are fleeing because of poverty and lack of jobs, most of them are hoping for greener pastures, good lifestyle and job offers, The majority of asylum applicants from places such as Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro are Roma people, and such people feel discriminated or victimized against in their countries of origin. The entry from countries like (Nigeria and Pakistan) is diverse, made up of migrants or refugees fleeing from violence and war for example (the Boko Haram in the
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An asylum seeker is a person who fled from their country (threatened) but is not recognized yet as a refugee. Refugees and asylum seekers are different. The decision whether a person is a refugee or not is most often left to certain government agencies with the host country. Asylum seekers come from all over, but the place with the most asylum applicants is Kosovo with 48,875 people applying for asylum in the EU, followed by Syria with 29,100 people, the number of unknown people are 18,430.

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