Causes Of Migration

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Due to diversity in nature of migration in India, causes of migration are bound to vary. Migration is influenced both by pattern of development (NCRL, 1991) and social structure (MOSSE, 2002).According to NCRL; the main cause of seasonal migration is uneven development.
The present chapter analyses the principal causes of migration as revealed by migrants themselves as well as by their family members.
Migration occurs when workers in origin areas lack suitable options for employment and there is some expectation of improvement in circumstances due to migration. After the survey it was observed that more than 60% of the population migrates due to push factors like poverty, low rural income etc. Dislike for agricultural work is one of the major cause of migration among educated youths as they don’t like to work as farmers in villages.
Another important cause of migration is lack of agricultural land in villages due to which people move out to work. Among pull factors better job opportunities and inducement of friends and relatives already in cities is also a major pull factor. It is evident from the focused group discussion that push factors have overriding influence than pull factors in migration.
The census of India has started collecting information on why people are migrating since 1981. In 2001, the reasons for have been classified in seven categories –
• Work-employment
• Business
• Education
• Marriage
• Move by birth
• Move with family
• others
There are many reasons

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