Causes Of Migration In Bhutan

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Migration in Bhutan
Bhutan is small country located in the eastern Himalayas in the globe with the area of 38394 sq. km which compost of 20 Dzongkhag & 205 Gewogs with different types of settlements (Bhutan at the Glance, 2014). With globalization, Bhutan is also facing some challenges in the field of Demography. Migration is the third important features in Demographic studies. The word migration can be defined as a process where the individual crosses particular boundary of his or her place of birth and lives in another place (MoE, 2010). This migration plays important role in the Social, Cultural & Economic life of Bhutanese people. Migration helps in redistribution of the population and redistribution of resources in the Country.
Internal or International Migration: when the movement happens within the geographical boundary of the country is called as internal migration. For instance, a person from Mongar changes his place of residence from Mongar to Thimphu, it is an internal movement. When the movement happens across the international boundary, and then it is called International Migration. For example if a person changes his or her residence and moves to Japan, then it is international migration.
Out-migration and in-migration: when people moves out from their places of residence to some People involve in movement is known as out and in migration. This movement occurs within the country, not outside the country. For example if some people change their

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