Causes Of Migration In The 21st Century

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In the history of mankind, human beings, regardless of nationalities, races, religious practices, and purposes, have directed movement across a specific boundary for a variety complex of reasons. As the matter of fact, in the hunting and gathering societies, people migrated for the purpose of finding food and hunting animals, while in this age of industrialization, globalization, and urbanization, people move from economically developing countries to economically developed ones in search of greener pastures. Moreover, when the border of the developed countries are opened up allowing free movement of people every single day, the number of migrants increases remarkably. As a consequence, migration from the developing countries to developed countries has become a social and political issues in the 21st century due to four main reasons. First of all, the movement of migrants can result in conflict, xenophobia, and racism from local folks towards the migrants. Due to the numbers of migrants moving from the developing world to the developed world are semi-skilled or unskilled labors, they act as a source of cheap labor. Moreover, immigrants tend to work for longer hour than local people to earn more wages in order to support their families. This would increase competition for jobs between migrants and native folks. Hence, citizens of developed countries would find it difficult to be employed because most employers favor only immigrants who demands less money and can work for

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