Causes Of Militancy In Pakistan

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Militancy poses a potent threat to Pakistan. Today, the country stands exposed to an enemy who is within; highly dangerous, utterly insane and hell bent on destroying us. The deadliest attack on the students and teachers of Army Public school last month further underlined the magnitude of the challenge. The country’s leadership both, military and political is seriously working on an effective counter militancy strategy to rid the nation of the menace. In this backdrop, education is the best course to combat militancy. There are good reasons behind the argument such as; failure of dialogue to combat militancy, inadequacy of military only response, potential of education to defeat the ideological basis of militancy and effectiveness of education to uproot socio-economic deprivations and religious bigotry- the root causes of militancy. The implementation of education led counter militancy strategy would require pragmatic steps such as; the long delayed Madrassa reforms, removal of hate material from text books, increase in educational budget up to 5 percent, focus on building educational infrastructure and its security in most vulnerable areas of FATA and KPK, and lastly by making “Education is the best course to combat militancy” a national slogan through extensive media campaign. It must be kept in mind that a durable solution to militancy cannot be achieved through a military operation. Only education has the potential to do that. Pakistan was not always a dangerous state.
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