Causes Of Monsoon Season

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Problem - solution essay.
Title: monsoon seasons in Malaysia. Why west people like to come and visit our beloved country, Malaysia? Are they do not like their own country? It is not true. There are because they want to felt how equatorial climates people live and what interesting about other country. Like Malaysia, we have hot and humid weather. They only can feel the weather if they come to country who have equatorial climates. One of the famous seasons in Malaysia is monsoon seasons. These seasons happen during November until early in January. Monsoon seasons in Malaysia also have the problem which are it will happen flood, "uninvited guests" and health problems First and foremost, problem that Malaysian has to face is flood issue. During monsoon, rains will fall every minutes and almost every day in those month. It also cause by when something blocked the water flow, so water cannot go anywhere. The result as we know water level in the river or sea will increase immediately. With 189 water basins and an average rainfall of over 2000-4000mm per year, Malaysia is prone to riverine, muddy floods that range from hours-long flash floods, to prolonged flooding on flat, low-lying land along major tributaries and main stems. In addition, the monsoon season will invited the "uninvited guests" such as snakes invade people’s homes. Reptiles especially the King cobra usually found in huge swamp areas, jungles and rubber estate. This is the effect due to

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