Causes Of Multiculturalism

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Polarization of cultures in numerous parts of the world seems to indicate that the worldview of accepting the right for each and every culture to co-exist is erroneous and failing. While some might claim that due to cultural conflicts observed in the rising dissent in numerous nations and problems caused by migrants, multiculturalism is observed to fail. However, this paper will show that not only are those claims false, multiculturalism is integral in reaching the solution to cultural conflicts, though not the solution itself.

Multiculturalism or the perception of accepting that each individual can have their own form of culture, and while there are similarities, there are also fundamental differences. Closely intertwined with this perception
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However, the root cause is not from accepting that everyone can have their own culture, but that a common consensus is not reached between people of different cultures. Migrants might have different cultures, but they do not have the common understanding that they must abide by the same laws of the nation, and as a result problems arise. The existence of the problems thus leads to the mistaken belief that multiculturalism is failing.

To examine if multiculturalism is a solution to cultural conflict, the reason for the conflict must first be defined, of which there are two. The first is that of intolerance, where individuals are unwilling to accept that others hold different beliefs and values. The second is that of an absolute stance held by some individuals. Holding an extreme perception and not allowing for any other interpretations or other alternatives to exist results in one culture conflicting with other
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That perception comes with the skill of cultural relativism, and individuals using cultural relativism would be less intolerant of other cultures and accept that there are other cultures besides their own. Multiculturalism would lead to the awareness of the validity of each and every culture and that there are many similarities and differences between all of them. Multiculturalism as a result would aid in resolving cultural conflicts as a result of intolerance. It is still not the solution for cultural conflicts but integral in reaching it, because multiculturalism facilitates and encourages the changes in perception but it does not guarantee a change in levels of
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