Causes Of Nationalism In South Africa

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Many movements were formed in South Africa as a result of nationalism. Each community, culture or ethnic group united and resisted British control as they were desperate for change, and change would only happen out of radical actions.
Several African movements were created as a rise against British control and to fight for the rights of black Africans. African nationalism wanted to unify and transform the identity of black South Africans so that they could assemble against the increasing oppression that had originated from colonial segregation policies. The Land act of 1913 was a catalyst to black resistance and the formation of the African National Congress Youth League in 1940.this made way for more radical and active forms of protests.
After the war in 1902 it was clear the Union of South Africa was dominantly white control over black South Africans. Two congress parties were then formed in 1906 consisting of black workers who were counter acting the British racial laws. These Congresses were known as the Native Congress and the Transvaal Native Congress. Soon after their letters and complaints to the British government were ignored, they decided to take a more radical stand. This was the formation of the ANC, which was considered more constitutional as it consisted of South African citizens of any racial or ethnic group as they united against racial laws and segregation. The ANC although was a more persistent congress, it fought against black oppression in a
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