Causes Of Natural Disasters In Thailand

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In 2011, Bangkok had floods because construction closed off water ways. In 2012, Chaingrai had a landslide because the ground absorbed more water. These are example of natural disasters that make people lost houses, money, and lives. The main cause of this problem is deforestation. If we look inside both construction that closed off water ways and a landslide, we will find that problem come from trespassing forest for business which building resort or millionaire’s villa and agriculture that call shifting cultivation, the problem about smuggling cut down the forest. The problem about trespassing forest for business means build resort or villa in the forest. This problem cause the millionaires or capitalists want to build resorts or houses in the forest because they want to tourism or themselves feel fresh with the natural like trees, mountains, waterfall. And, the more resorts closed to forest, the more tourism will come. That is the reasonable which many capitalists want to invest with natural resort or natural villa. In Thailand, forest in many provinces that is trespassed by millionaires or capitalists, for example, the news that is talk of the town in 2011 about trespassing Tablan National park, Wangnamkeaw, Nakhonratchasima. That place has many resort and villa for tourism. So, the government command pull down all resorts and villa that was built in areas of Nation Park but process of damaging construction slowly because the influential person obstruct tearing down
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